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Wood Skin Analysis Lamp

Wood Lamp; It analyzes the superficial and deep layers of the skin and provides an appropriate application for distinguishing healthy and sick skin tissues. Wood lamp helps to reach a definite judgment about the skin by combining the information to be obtained by examining the skin under the light with observation and diagnosis made with the naked eye. The process is basically based on obtaining dark violet (Black light) glows with fluorescent lamps at a wavelength of 315-49° nanometers.




Wood lamp "It is a high pressure and mercury vapor lamp supplemented with a special dark filter (wood crystal) containing nickel oxide. The special filter absorbs all other light radiations, with the exception of ultraviolet radiations with a wavelength of 315 - 400 nm and a maximum emission of about 365 nm. it does.

Fluorescent radiation is the emission of colored radiations formed when a beam of light passes through a special substance. In other words, light beams are formed in the invisible ray. This phenomenon complies with the STOKES LAW. The wavelength of the radiation resulting from the excitation of a beam source is wider than the radiation from the source.
The characteristic of fluorescent radiation is that it causes every radiation reaction on the substance it falls on, according to the chemical properties of that substance. This is also broad in diagnosing various substances and structures. provides an opportunity.




In medicine: It is used to obtain opposite medical diagnoses. For example, in the differentiation of healthy and sick skin tissues, in the detection of bacterial cultures, in the detection of pigments and delineation of the region. In general, it has a very wide application area in dermatology diagnoses.
Outside the medical field: In chemical analysis, in the textile industry and in the determination of essential substances in criminology, in the examination of money, precious stones and oil paintings, and in the reading of otherwise unreadable documents. , checking whether the fats are healthy or not.

The chart below shows the meanings of the colors seen on the Wood Lamp.


Colors Seen in Wood Lamp Meanings


  • White fluorescence : Nails. Thick corneal layer
    White spots: Horny skin and dead cells
    Light bluish/white: Normal healthy skin (sufficiently dry thin skin)
    Chalk white: Dandruff skin - Aged cuticle
    Strong white: Dandruff
    Whitish: Thick keratotic skin
    White. silvery : hyperkeratotic skin
    Silvery fluorescence: Psoriasis (Medicine)
    Bright fluorescence: moist skin
    Light purple (Magenta): Dehydrated skin
    Purple fluorescence : Very thin skin .not enough moisture
    Purple and dark purple: Thin skin, impaired metabolism
    Pale Gray Purple : Normal scalp and hair
    Light yellow : Acne
    Yellow or pink: oily areas and comedones
    Yellow Dental prosthesis
    Yellow Pitriasis versicalor , subclinical
    Yellow/green: Small pimples
    Brown: Stains and dark spots, acne scars, sunspots
    Orange: Oily fields and staining
    Brilliant fluorescence: moist cllt, cheoplasia plaques (Medicine)
    Coral pink fluorescence: active and inactive erythrasma
    Pink - Red: Parfins (in urine, faeces and chamber fluid - Medicine)
    Red: Some malignant skin tumors and squamous cell cancers
    Dark red : Atrophic (Weak skin)

Contact Dermatitis: Wood's light is helpful in identifying skin stimulants. For example: Furn Coumarins, cosin ink tar products The blood flow velocity can also be determined with Wood's light. For this purpose, the time between injecting fluorescein into the cubital vein and determining the fluorescence on the retina is called circulation time.

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