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Ingrown Nail Correction Mini Robot

Ingrown Nail Correction Mini Robot


Why does the nail sink? Our toenails can become ingrown for many different reasons.

The most prominent feature of these may be due to reasons such as the wrong shoes used, genetic predisposition, excessive sweating, wrong cutting.

This condition, which can occur at any age and can lead to symptoms such as pain, swelling, and secondary infection, is most commonly seen in the first toe nails. Although heeled and pointed-toed shoes look wide in women, hard boots and shoes worsen this situation. Cutting the nails too short can also be one of the major factors for ingrown nails. Apart from this, deep U-shaped filing of the nail edges during pedicure care and cutting and tearing are among the factors that lead to ingrowns. Thanks to the Ingrown Nail Remover Apparatus product, you can solve ingrown nails with the apparatus in your hand.

How to use? It is suitable for ingrown (ingrown) fingernails or toenails, It acts fast.

Soften your nails with hot water before each use. Use the mechanical lever to change the angle of nail growth.

Grasp both sides of the strangulated toenail with the two hooks on the device. With one hand, hold the vehicle center stand, with the other hand, turn the nut to secure the product to the toenail. Slowly expand the product until there is a feeling of expansion. (Keep your foot in warm water while correcting) Expand a little every 10 minutes. After 30 minutes, take your feet out of the water, wait 15 minutes to dry the feet. Remove equipment, reshape toe, stuff medical cotton under bent nails to prevent ingrown back.

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