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Portable UV-C Sterilizer

Portable UV-C Sterilizer

Laboratory tests have scientifically proven that the product kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. Pacific UVC Sterilization Box and Charger neutralizes viruses and bacteria that other phone cleaners cannot kill. Test Reports: The product has CE and ROHS certificates. 360° Coverage: With UV-C Sanitizer, you can reach every point of your mobile phone that you cannot reach with alcohol wipes. It sterilizes the entire surface of your items with UVC LED lamps that provide 99.9% sterilization and reflective glass that provides 360° coverage. Multi-Purpose Use: You can sterilize your phone with its case, and you can even use the product for other products that can fit inside the box, such as watches, wallets. It is suitable for sterilizing your glasses, make-up materials, key chain, manicure set etc. daily accessories.

Technicial Specifications: UV-C Light x 2 pcs

Disinfection Power: 2x2W

Wavelength: 254NM

Inner Dimension: 154x84x16 mm

External Dimension: 180x110x55 mm

Output: USB port (for mobile wire charging)

Input: Micro USB port for input power

Ek bilgi

Ağırlık 1 kg
Boyutlar 25 × 15 × 8 cm

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