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Electro Cautery Device 100 W. Monopolar – Bipolar – Leep

Electro Cautery Device 100 Watt Monopolar – Bipolar – Leep

Electro Cautery Device 100 W. ( Monopolar - Bipolar - Leep )


User guide

1- Energy light indicating that the device is on-off.

2- ON/OFF Touch switch for turning the device on and off.

3- Digital display showing the output power of the device (cutting coagulation, spray coagulation, bipolar) in %.

4- Output power increase button.

5- Output power decrease button.

6- This mode is used for a standard coagulation.

7- Maximum coagulation depth is achieved in this mode.

8- This mode is used for a deeper coagulation than the standard.

9- Patient plate; This plate should be well attached to the closest area of ​​the patient's intervention (Preferably by applying conductive gel.). If good contact is not ensured, adequate intervention cannot be made, and burns may occur in the area where this plate is connected.

10-Cutting coagulation output.

11- Spray coagulation output.

12- Bipolar output. This outlet prevents bleeding by narrowing the cut vessel openings with its special forceps.

13- Foot switch socket is at the back of the device and outputs are made by pressing the foot pedal. The device warns with a high-pitched sound that the electrodes are energized.


1- Do not use the device for a long time without interruption. Rest, even for short periods of time.

2- Use one of the three outputs (Cutting coagulation, spray coagulation, bipolar) at the same time. Do not use two outputs at the same time.

3- Do not short-circuit the cutting/burning electrode with the chassis plate at the exit.


1 monopolar cutting/burning probe (Interraptor) and cable.

1 patient plate (Ground electrode) and cable.

8 various electrodes in a special container used in monopolar interventions.

1 x foot switch

1 bipolar forceps and cable (Optional)


Cutting&coagulation : 20-100 W

Spray & coagulation: 20-100 W

Bipolar: 20- 80 W

Operating frequency (approx.): 350 kHz

Supply voltage : 220 V. 50 Hz

Dimensions: 250x90x250 mm

Weight : 3.5 kg

Warranty : 2 YEARS

Ek bilgi

Ağırlık 3.5 kg
Boyutlar 40 × 45 × 25 cm

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