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7-50X High Resolution Trinocular Stereo Microscope

    with 10 Inch Integrated Microscope Camera


1. In hair transplantation processes, it provides the opportunity to control and monitor both HD screen and direct eye in graft preparation, graft examination and separation, sectioning and classification processes.

2. Especially suitable for observing the surface microstructure of large objects.

Trinocler microscope is your helper in all your operations as a medical microscope with high resolution a quality image.

3. Using high-quality materials, strong and durable, has a long service life.

4. 1/2.8 inch HD camera with 16 megapixel CMOS sensor with HDMI USB port.

5. Strict quality control and quality assurance, high safety factor, can be used with peace of mind.


Trinocular Stereo Features:

Head: 360-degree rotating trinocular simul-focal with 45-degree inclination

Eyepiece 30 mm super wide field high eye-point WF10X/22

Objective: 0.7-5X

Zoom Range: 6,5:1

Trinocular Port: 23 mm photo port

Interpupillary Distance: 2-1/8" - 3"(54-76mm)

Field of View: 1-1/4" (33mm)

Working Distance: 7X-50X(100mm) 0.5x objective lens use 3.5X-25X(200mm)

Use 2x objective lens 14X-100X (50mm)

Head Mounting Size: 3" (76mm) diameter

Accessory Mounting Size: 1-7/8" (48mm female thread) diameter

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7X - 50X Continuous Zoom Magnification Power

SUPER WIDE FIELD 45 Degree Inclined Trinocular Simul-focus Head with High Eyepoint Eyepieces

Trinocular port for adding photo or video capability

30mm Super Wide Field WF10X Eyepieces with 22mm Field of View

High Resolution with Excellent Flatness and Contrast

Sharp Stereo Upright Images in Wide Field View

Crystal Clear Original True Colour Images

Wide Working Distance

Accurate Alignment for Fatigue-Free Viewing

Full Optical Glass Elements

Precision Frosted Glass Lens

All Metal Mechanical Components

Adjustable Pupillary Distance

Manufactured according to ISO 9001 Quality Control Standard

Package Size :40*33*30cm

Stand Size :38*20*30cm (LxWxH)

Package Weight:6.8Kg

Sensor: 16 Megapixel IMX sensor

Pixel Size: 2.0×2.0μm

Sensor Size: 1/2.8 in.

Video Output Interface: HDMI / USB (HD Interface)

Resolution 1920x1080@60FPS(HDMI)

Monitor size 10.1 inch

USB Output: 1920x1080@30FPS(USB)

Video Ratio: 16:9, Supports 4:3 Mode

Image Resolution: 4608 x 3456

Frame Rate 30@FPS

Colour: R/G/B support manual adjustment

Cross line: 5 horizontal/vertical lines, Colour and Number line adjustable, scale cross line

Zoom 7X digital zoom

Magnifier Function: Support magnification on the same screen

Sensitivity Level: Medium (can be used with extra light source)

Lens Interface: Standard C/CS Interface

Dynamic Range: 40dB

PC Systems: Windows XP/7/8/10 support with measurement software (gift)

Image Format: JPEG

Language: CN, EN, JP, FR, DE, RU, IT, KR, TUR

Operating Voltage: 12V/1A

Spectral Response (Wavelength): 400nm~700nm (Strong)

White Balance Manual/Automatic

SNR 45dB

Mirror Support Up/Down, Right/Left

Black and White Mode: Support

Storage: TF Card, Maximum support 256 GB

Operating Temperature: -40°C~70°C

144 bright LEDs

Variable lighting direction

Variable power control

Powerful and intense shadowless illumination

100,000 hours life

Power Input: 100-240V, 50-60HZ, automatic switching

Inner Diameter of Ring Light: Approx. 27 mm / 1.1 in.

General Outer Diameter: Approx. 45 mm / 1.8 in.

Working Distance: Approx. 27 ~ 120 mm / 1.1 ~ 4.7 in.

Packaging includes:

1 x 10-inch Microscope Camera

2XPower Supply

1 USB cable

1 X Remote Control control

1 HDMI cable

1 x Trinocular Stereo Zoom Head

1 x Double Super Wide Field 10X22MM Eyepieces

1 x 144-LED Ring Light

1 x Microscope Bracket

1pc 0.5X Adapter

1 x Eye Protection Pair

1 x Dust Cover

1 x Paper Guide

1 x 0.5X Microscope Auxiliary Objective Lens (Working Distance 180 mm)

1 x 2X Microscope Auxiliary Objective Lens(Working Distance 50 mm)

1 x High Temperature Resistant Working Pad

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