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Fue Punch / Serrated 07 – 3.5 mm

Fue Punch Serrated 07 – 3.5 mm

Motorize Fue Punch Serrated typ model 0,7 * 3.5 mm 

Our serrated model motorized fue punches have standard 8 serrations. It has a saw blade. Upon request, it can also be produced with 4-6 serrations.

A high-quality trephine punch is needed to accurately isolate an intact follicular unit graft. The ideal punch is small enough to minimize the size of the residual scalp defect and to avoid adjacent follicular unit damage, but large enough to prevent transection of any individual follicle within the isolated unit.

Finest quality FUE punches made of Stainless Steel (steel COO: Germany)
A thinner wall and a sharp consistent cutting edge facilities to reduce friction and decrease transaction rate
Improved design by İnternational Hair Medical Health Group R&D Department. Special features result in a reduced external force and a lower reactive fluid motion of both follicle and skin.
Manually finished by Satürn Cosmetic Medical Health Groups expert craftsmen
Better angulations and pinpoint skin entry
Reduce graft torsion and trauma
Highly recommended by leading hair restoration surgeons
The opinion of the experts at the IHRS international hair transplantation association congresses has been as follows; In order to obtain the highest quality graft follicle roots, the most suitable size, serrated - flat or conical motorised fue punch is selected and the fue micro motor rotation speed suitable for the tissue is adjusted. Root directions are determined and the skin tissue structure is examined and the selected motorised fue punch is entered into the tissue with a flat tip, serrated tip or one of the other options. The graft root muscle is cut and the follicle is loosened. After a few shots with fue punch, the loosened roots should be checked by removing the loosened roots with extraction forceps before continuing. If everything is OK, it shows that we are using the appropriate angle and the appropriate fue punch. We continue the process in this way.
To Inform;
You should definitely check the direction of the roots before starting the fue punch operation on the patient.
You should adjust the drilling angle according to the root direction and the exit angle from the skin.
You can achieve this in 2 ways;
1- By checking it with a very good analyzer.
2- After the first root extraction, check it out with the extraction collet. If you entered at the right angle, it was not damaged and you can continue.
It is only informative, precise information and application is at the discretion of the doctor.

Motorized Fue Punch ranks first in the list of the most important hair transplantation materials in hair transplantation procedures and hair follicle graft transplantation.

The higher the quality of these special steel motorized fue punches produced in Istanbul, Turkey, which are used to collect hair follicles from the donor area in hair follicle harvesting, the better the procedure will be.

While producing all our fue punches, we carry out their R&D together with our user doctors. We produce motorized fue punch models that will extract the highest quality and healthiest graft root follicles that will cause minimal damage to the hair tissue.

How well does Fue punch enter the tissue and loosen the roots in a healthy way without damaging the roots? It will be easier for us to extract hair grafts with the help of extraction forceps. With this awareness, each fue punch is produced and packaged individually by special control.

Our FUE punches are produced from first class medical steel; It is offered to our users with the lowest, most affordable prices and the best quality models.There are many models and brands when Fue punch search engines are searched on Google. However, the user is undecided about which one to choose among the many punch prices. Or they continue with the product they always buy and use and find it risky to make changes to their processes. No matter how right they are in this regard; With the technology that develops and renews every day, existing products are constantly improved and transformed into top quality models with more affordable prices.Also: There are several models of our fue punches. And it is important to know which fue punch model will be used in which tissue. Because not every fue punch model will produce quality and healthy operations in every tissue.For example, serrated - serrated model fue punch should not be preferred for a patient with thin-textured blonde skin, while serrated - serrated model fue punch should be preferred for thicker-textured brunette and black patients.In addition, in people with a high number of graft follicles in a single root and in people with an abundance of triple, quadruple or quintile grafts, it is necessary to use FUE punch with a conical mouth with an extroverted tip.

Considering all these, as the highest quality products in line with the requests and suggestions of our R&D team and hair transplantation doctors;

  • Serrated motorized fue punch
  • Straight motorized fue punch
  • Tapered mouth Fue punch 
  • Fue punch with scratch channel to remove long hair root
  • Manual fue punch to be used in procedures that require a small number of grafts in small areas, beard transplantation, sideburn transplantation, eyebrow transplantation and a small number of grafts.

We produce our models. We offer our users the fastest delivery service, with a quality and affordable price guarantee.

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