Ürün Detayı

  • 35000 Rpm
  • Left or right rotation
  • Stainles stell piacemen
  • Digital panel
  • It offers hand and foot control.
  • Suitable for disinfection - sterilisation
  • Easy motorised due punch insertion and removal
  • Global service network and technical support
  • By adjusting and seeing the rotation speed from the digitak screen as we wish, it provides standard operation in every case and allows us to be cautious against errors.

In the ISHRS national hair transplant training meetings, the stage of selecting the most suitable fue micro motor to use motorised fue punch was pronounced as follows;

The experience of the person, hand finger size, suitability for disinfection - sterilisation, right / left rotation, minimum 20000 Rpm, hand and foot control, no secretion, no heating in long-term use, no electrification, ergonomic and easy to use, ease of placement and removal of Fue motorised punch, universal, quick failure, technical support were discussed as the main important factors.


Ek bilgi

Ağırlık 1.6 kg
Boyutlar 30 × 30 × 25 cm

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