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Hair Transplant Surgery Professional Training Set

  • It has the same structure as human tissue
  • It contains 500 real human hair strands.
  • You can give anesthesia and inflate
  • You can purchase follicle root graft
  • You can perform implantation and transplantation
  • You can work with dhi pen

Set Content;

  • Study set 30X30 cm
  • 1 root picking forseps
  • 1 implantation placement forceps
  • 1 Dhi pen
  • 1 pcs dhi choi pen synthesis forceps
  • 1 petrie dish, to put the roots
  • 1 sapphire-tipped Sp90 blade
  • 1 slide holder, blade holder pen
  • Beginner level 1 fue micro motor
  • 5 fue punch
  • Fue Micro Motor

*With this set, you can learn hair transplantation in a short time and improve your novice skills quickly. It offers the opportunity to learn very quickly. We also offer our online hair transplantation methods book and 24/7 remote support for purchases. It offers the opportunity to learn quickly instead of just listening by paying thousands of dollars.


  1. If you want to learn hair transplantation - transfer procedures, this set is prepared just for you. The content of the set is professional real human hair and artificial follicles.
  2. All original surgical equipment and auxiliary equipment used in hair transplantation procedures are included in the set.
  3. In this way ; You will be able to see and examine in detail all the equipment and hair transplantation tools used in hair transplantation transfer procedures.
  4. You will see the tricks by trying each tool in turn. As you use it, you will get used to it.
  5. The model texture has been specially designed and is completely human tissue sensitive.
  6. If you make mistakes, the model will change color in the relevant area and inform you that you are wrong. This will be your guide. It will give you the opportunity to work until you find the right one.
  7. At the same time, you can perform root follicle extraction with motorized fue punch repeatedly. You can practice placing the grafts you have removed with 3 different hair transplantation methods. Direct Hair Implantation (transplantation with dhi pens), transplantation with the Perkiten method, placement transplantation by opening channels with Slide channel blades
  8. You can also perform anesthesia, transplant more roots per square centimeter, and perform graft studies.
  9. With this hair transplantation learning kit, you can learn hair transplantation in 1-2 weeks, starting from scratch. At this stage, our remote online support will be constantly provided by our professional team.

As international hair medical, we always support our users with continuous R&D studies together with our valuable expert team of doctors in order to train the highest quality and expert hair transplantation doctors and hair transplantation specialists all over the world. Our only goal is to spread and standardize professional hair transplantation techniques to all countries of the world.

Please do not forget that at all stages, International Hair Medical provides continuous quality, reliable and fast service with all hair transplantation equipment, devices and highest level motorized fue punches used in hair transplantation surgery procedures.

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