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Fue Micro Motor IHM 25 Combi

Professional series fue micro motor , ihm combi series

Fue Micro Motor IHM 25 COMBİ Series               


  • Double handpiece ( Standard and Metal Handpiece )
  • Small - Light and Quiet Operation
  • 35000 Rpm - Adjustable speed control
  • Left or Right Rotation
  • Zero runout
  • Hand and Foot control option
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Compatible with all fue punch models
  • Offers ergonomic and easy use

Box contents ;

  • Engine main unit
  • Standard handpiece 35000 rpm ( 15 CM - 130 GR )
  • Metal handpiece 35000 rpm  ( 16 CM - 190 GR )
  • Foot control pedal
  • Handpiece holder stand
  • Power cord
  1. It is the most preferred model in terms of performance, in which FUE punches are used to extract grafts and follicles in hair surgery.
  2. Thanks to its double handpiece, you will never be let down. Even if one of them malfunctions for any reason, you can continue your operation in the same way by attaching the other handpiece without the need for a second FUE micro motor.
  3. Universal sized handpieces are compatible with all motorized fue punch models.
  4. The new generation IHS 25 FUE MICRO MOTOR, named combi25, produced by IHM in line with the requests and suggestions of user doctors after the combi 24 model fue micro motor of Korean origin, was designed to best suit the use and needs of you, our doctors.
  5. It allows motorized fue punches mounted on ultra-quiet, lightweight handpieces to work most efficiently without leaking.
  6. It is used in hair transplantation, graft harvesting and FUE loosening operations at all inclinations and angles.
  7. As it is known, there are three indispensable surgical tools and devices in hair surgery, which must be of the highest quality. The first of these is a motorized fue punch serrated or straighet model, the other one is Extraction forceps or inplantation collet forceps and the last one is a quality Fue micro motor.

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Ağırlık 1 kg
Boyutlar 30 × 30 × 15 cm

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