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Magnifying Glasses and Spare 5 Lens (1-2-3-4-5 x Led )

Magnifying Glasses and Spare 5 Lens

Glasses Loop Led Magnifier With 5 Lenses

Product Description;

Glasses Type Led Magnifier


  • Permanent Makeup, Prosthetic Nail, Silk Lash, Needle Hair Removal, Professional Makeup, Manicure Pedicure, Electronic Card Repair, Eyelash Perming etc. Glasses-type lens magnifier with LED light that will allow you to work much more comfortably in many sensitive and attention-demanding operations such as
  •  Much better lighting with dual led feature
  • 5 spare lenses with different magnifications.
  • 1.0X - 1.5X - 2.0X - 2.5X - 3.5X lens sizes
  • Elegant ergonomic and ergonomic design that does not cause dicomfort in the head.
  • Special production from 1st class quality anti-allergic titanium carbon material.
  • The glasses-type led-light magnifying glass, which zooms and enlarges the area you want to see, is designed to make your work much easier, such as reading books, tailoring sewing, precision greenhouse planting, repair and repair, tile making, hobby works, calligraphy.
  • With 3 pen-thin pen batteries, it can work for months for a very long time.

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Ağırlık 0.250 kg
Boyutlar 40 × 30 × 10 cm

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