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Eye Protective Glasses Transparent

Professional Eye Protection Goggles with Side Protection, Anti-Fog, Ergonomic Use, Adjustable Handle Behind the Ear. CE Certified.

Professional eye protection goggles with side protection, anti-fog, ergonomic use, adjustable handle behind the ear.

It is a reasuble model. Washable - Can be disinfected and sterilized. Ear size is adjustable.

It is transparent in color, does not tire the eyes and provides a high level of protection thanks to its side protections. As it is known, an extraordinary increase in infectious diseases has been observed in recent years. And one of the biggest reasons for this is non-compliance with protective occupational safety.

The process of harvesting graft follicles with motorized fue punch also poses a high risk of contamination. We say employee and patient safety first.

CE certified.


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Ağırlık 0.200 kg
Boyutlar 15 × 10 × 5 cm

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