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Biopsy Punch

Biopsy Punch

Biopsy Punch  , Price : It is the price of 1 piece

Main areas of use;

  1. Taking a biopsy piece from tissue with local anesthesia
  2. It is used to obtain stem cell tissue from behind the ear in order to obtain stem cells for use in hair transplantation procedures.

A) Before application

1-The practice room should provide the necessary conditions for minor surgical interventions (equipment, cleaning, etc.)
2-Standard preoperative evaluation should be performed (See Appendix 1).
3-Written and verbal information is given to the patient about the procedure, its stages and complications, and an informed consent form is signed and taken. For those under the age of 18, the signature of the legal guardian is taken.
4-Registration and photographing of the patient are done carefully.
5- During the application, gloves, masks and glasses should be worn in accordance with the rules as an additional protective measure in necessary cases.

B) Application

1-The biopsy area is marked with a pen.
2-Local anesthesia is applied.
3-The effect of local anesthesia is achieved within 2 minutes. It takes approximately 7-15 minutes for the vasoconstrictive effect to be achieved in heavily bleeding areas.
4- The skin area to be biopsied is cleaned with an antiseptic solution, covering an area of ​​5 cm from the surrounding.
5-Sterile perforated dressing is covered over the area.
6-The appropriate size “punch” is selected: The selection of the “punch” size depends on many factors such as the size of the lesion, whether the biopsy is incisional or excisional, anatomical localization and clinical diagnosis. If a pathology involving the subcutaneous tissue is considered and a "punch" biopsy is to be taken, a "punch" of at least 6 mm is selected.
7-The index finger and thumb are placed around the lesion in a way to apply traction to the skin lines (“relaxed skin tension lines”) in opposite directions, and an oval defect is obtained by stretching the tissue between the fingers.
8-The punch tool between the fingers is placed on the skin vertically. It is rotated by applying vertical pressure. A typical reduction in tissue resistance is felt when the “Punch” instrument moves from the deep dermis to the subcutaneous tissue. This indicates that a "full-thickness" skin biopsy was taken at sufficient depth.
9- At the stage of separating the biopsy material from the tissue, the tissue sample should be gently held without damaging it, and the biopsy material should be clarified by applying a slight pressure to the surrounding tissue. For this purpose, atraumatic forceps, tissue hook or needle (30 gauge) at the syringe tip can be used.
10-The biopsy is completed by cutting the floor with the help of a scalpel or scissors.

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