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Petrie Dish / 3 Compartment, Thick Glass

3 Compartment Thick Glass Petrie Dish

  • It is sterilizable, autoclavable and suitable for all sterilization and disinfection processes.
  • It is a reasuble product that can be used for many years.
  • The compartmented petri dish is designed for the healthy storage of graft follicles extracted with extraction forceps, taken with motorized fue punches in hair transplantation surgery.
  • With its segmented structure; We can easily calculate our total number by placing a certain number of graft root follicles in each compartment.
  • At the same time, we can place and arrange our grafts separately, such as single, double or triple.
  • Since we have separated the grafts according to the number of roots while placing them with implantation forceps-collet in the hair transplantation process, it provides the opportunity to transplant frequently to the relevant area much more easily than before.
  • For example, we want to transplant densely with single grafts to the front hair line, as it should be, and we can work faster and easier by finding single grafts easily from the separated section.

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Ağırlık 0.200 kg
Boyutlar 15 × 15 × 4 cm

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