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A high-quality trephine punch is needed to accurately isolate an intact follicular unit graft. The ideal punch is small enough to minimize the size of the residual scalp defect and to avoid adjacent follicular unit damage, but large enough to prevent transection of any individual follicle within the isolated unit.

Finest quality FUE punches made of Stainless Steel (steel COO: Germany)
A thinner wall and a sharp consistent cutting edge facilities to reduce friction and decrease transaction rate
Improved design by Satürn Cosmetic Medical Health Group R&D Department. Special features result in a reduced external force and a lower reactive fluid motion of both follicle and skin.
Manually finished by international ishrs Hair Medical Health Groups expert craftsmen
Better angulations and pinpoint skin entry
Reduce graft torsion and trauma
Highly recommended by leading hair restoration surgeons

To Inform;
You should definitely check the direction of the roots before starting the fue punch operation on the patient.
You should adjust the drilling angle according to the root direction and the exit angle from the skin.
You can achieve this in 2 ways;
1- By checking it with a very good analyzer.
2- After the first root extraction, check it out with the extraction collet. If you entered at the right angle, it was not damaged and you can continue.
It is only informative, precise information and application is at the discretion of the doctor.

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Boyutlar 5 × 2 × 2 cm

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