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Implantation Forceps 6mm/40 Degree Ceramic Professionel Series

Ceramic Graft Placement Forceps
Ceramic coated handle structure;
• It does not cause sweating on the hands in long-term use.
• Since it is antistatic, it does not electrify the hand and reduces finger fatigue.
• Provides easy grip and dominance.
• The black coating prevents eye strain when working under the light for a long time and does not glare.
• Gold-plated tip structure works at the highest level.
• The gold tip does not stick to the grafts and provides faster planting.
• Gold tip structure does not damage the grafts.
• It offers a thinner and more professional working area.
Detail : 13 cm size
Medical anti static ceramic coated handle
Medical gold-plated tip structure
Sterile, autoclavable, also suitable for all sterilization methods

International Hair  Medical Health Group Comapnt Pieces
Tip length 6 mm angle  40°
Made İn Turkey Company
Medical stainles stell
Sterilization ; Autoclave
Size : 13 cm
Series : Seramic Professional
Antistatic typ

Note; Ürün siparişlerinizde ekstra ince uçlu - Sert / Yumuşak yada orta tutuşte tutuş gibi özellikle istediğiniz modellerin sipariş notuna kaplamasını rica ederiz.
Standard Model will be sent with medium hard grip and standard tip structure.

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Ağırlık 0.200 kg
Boyutlar 13 × 2 × 2 cm

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