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Graft - Follicle - Donor Area Shocking Laser



To accelerate the healing rate of the donor area by X 5 and to shock the transferred follicles.

To increase survival rates from the known 65% to 99%.

Graft – Donor Area – Follicle Shocking Laser

It works with PBM ( PHOTOBIOMODULATION ) System .

Mode Red infrared

Mode Blue infrared

Ultrasonic Cavitation Waves also accompany in both modes.

Shock Device Purpose;

mode ; To ensure that the taken graft follicles remain healthy with bioenergy by providing an equal distribution of nutrients with shock waves. Ensuring that the transplanted graft follicle adheres very quickly by strengthening the blood flow and intercellular communication of the solution-suppressed tissue in the area to be transplanted.


When the transplanted graft is taken from the donor area, since we do not know at what stage there is a hair follicle, if it is not in the anagen phase, if it is in the Catagen or       Telogen phase, it is to provide a pause, to keep it close to Anagen, and to ensure the formation of new roots in the planted area during this pause phase. In this way, the known survival rate of the transplanted grafts will be increased from 63% to 90%.

In addition, since the follicles taken will be in sleep mode during the waiting phase, the cells that have been shocked to protect themselves will be activated and much healthier results will be obtained.

  1. Mode ; After the graft follicles are harvested in the donor area, circulation will be difficult due to the swelling of the solution in the tissue for a long time and the recovery will be slow.

With the application of laser shock waves, the tissue will be tightened by intercellular fragmentation and proliferation.

By evaporating the liquid in the skin and under the skin, ultrasonic will create thousands of conical microscopic thermal wounding channels, creating a mechanism of action.

The healing rate in the tissue will be accelerated by 5 times of the natural. In this way, intercellular communication will accelerate and the healing factors will become much more mobile, collective and faster.

Working Principle ;

The PBM (Photobiomodulation) system stimulates mitochondrial cell metabolism by emitting 610-700 nanometers of infrared light and ultrasonic waves.

As a result of the release of nitric oxide from stochrome C oxidosis, it leads to an increase in ATP production, oxidative stress and thus a decrease in free reactive oxygen. Stimulation of Hair Follicle growth hormones and system due to the presence of growth factors such as HGF, VEGF and IGH-1 will result in a decrease in Catogen-inducing dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels.

PBM Also; Chemotherapy also inhibits the opoptosis of cells through upregulation of antiapoptotic proteins with chemicals used in the treatment of alopecia or previously used in the hair tissue for therapeutic purposes.

PBM (Photobiomodulation);

1- Triggers cell division and acceleration, which initiates its transition to progenitor cells and then to hair matrix cells.

2- Provides vasodilation in stem cells

3- Allows opening of Potassium Channels

Provides 4- 5 Alpha reductose inhibition

5- Provides angiogenesis

6- Provides Androgen Antagonism

7- Accelerates metabolism and blood circulation

8- It supports the oxygenation of the follicle beds under pressure and the formation of new capillaries

9- It shocks the planted tired and dormant follicles and makes them active.

10-Conversion to cyclic AMP occurs in the hair follicle cells, thanks to the energy released, hair growth is accelerated and the metabolic processes of the transplanted grafts are much more accelerated.

11- By enabling the cells to secrete nitric oxide, it distributes the nutrients and oxygen needed by the hair follicles equally and causes an increase in vascular formation in the skin where the hair follicle is located. The rate of healing and adhesion is maximized.

12- It delays shedding by preventing the formation of DHT (hormone that causes hair loss), which is naturally found in the tissue with pressure and stress, and supports the healthy life of the transplanted grafts.

PBM (Photobiomodulation);

13- It freezes the DHT of the grafts taken from the donor area, whose resting or shedding phase has begun, and provides root formation in the transplantation area.

It provides regulation of 14-CDK-4 expression and activation with early anogen signals. It pauses catogen.

15- After the procedure in the donor area, it evaporates the subcutaneous fluid and creates thousands of ultrasonic conical microscopic thermal injury channels. The healing speed in the tissue is x5 times faster.

Use of ;

Before starting the procedures, the red laser is applied to the entire hairy tissue, including the transplantation area, for 3 minutes.

Before the application, the device is attached with 2 probes on 2 shoulder heads.

When the removal from the donor area is finished (or before the dressing is completed), the blue laser application is applied to the donor area for 3 minutes. Here the Head is brought into contact with the skin. It is a condition that the person should be able to convey what he feels the vibrations.

At the end of the extraction, a red laser is applied on the graft follicles taken from the donor area for 1 minute. Before sowing, red laser application is made for 3 minutes and then the planting process is started.

Again, red laser is applied to the transplanted area for 1 minute without touching the tissue.

When the transplanted patient comes to the washing control, it is recommended to apply infrared laser to the donor area for 1 minute by contacting the tissue with the blue infrared laser and for 3 minutes without touching the transplanted area.

Again, while these procedures are being performed, electrodes are attached to the patient's 2 shoulder heads and the application is made.

If the electrode is not attached or forgotten, the intercellular communication support in the tissue will not be fully provided. Its effect is reduced. But it does not cause any harm to the patient.

Maintenance and Cleaning;

It is sterilized by wiping with a high-level disinfectant with the help of a cloth.

Do not expose to direct sun.

Do not hold directly under water, electronics may be damaged.

It is guaranteed by the distributor for 2 years against manufacturing defects.

Working power : 220 what

Weight : 480 Gr

Approval: FDA – CE – ISO

Clinical : Clinical studies have been conducted.

Product Content: 1 Piece Shocking laser hand probe

1 charging connector

1 piece electrode connection cable with double output

4 electrodes (works with standard electrode probes. (universal)

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