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Extraction Forceps / Gold Series / 5mm – 55 Degree


Extraction Forceps / Gold Series

Extraction Forceps-Collet Gold Series 

  • 5 mm * 55 Angle
  • 316 number stainless steel
  • It has 3 handle options: soft, medium hard and hard.
  • It offers the most comfortable service in the process of removing graft follicles. It never damages, sticks or cuts the graft follicle roots.
  • The specially designed striped tip structure ensures easy operation without slipping or missing without damaging the graft follicles.
  • Its serrated handle provides hand control and provides a faster working area. It does not cause sweating or slipping in long-term use.
  • The tip structure has been designed by hair transplantation specialists in order to remove the loosened hair follicles from the tissue in the easiest way without damaging them with the help of the Fue micro motor and the motorized FUE punch.
  • It is an autoclavable medical product. It is suitable for all kinds of sterilization.
  • Extraction forceps - collet , It is one of the most valuable hair transplantation materials used in extracting and collecting graft follicles. The higher the quality of the extraction collet forceps, the more comfortable and faster we can work.

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