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Electrocautery Touch Digital Screen Monopolar-Bipolar

Electrocautery Touch Digital Screen Monopolar-Bipolar


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Electrocauteries are used to perform operations with coagulation (coagulation) in hair transplantation, clinics, practices, dermatology, ENT, gynecology, general surgery, neurosurgery, dentistry, and veterinary branches of medicine.
Electrocauteries generate high frequency RF waves. These waves create sudden heat at the point of application, vaporize the liquid of living cells and destroy the cell membrane. With the continuation of this fragmentation, cutting and destruction processes take place. High frequency electromagnetic waves also have coagulation properties. The coagulation property of electromagnetic waves can be increased or decreased by modulation of the waves in various ways.
Electrocauteries 1. They perform cutting-destroying, 2. Coagulation during cutting-destroying, 3. Coagulation spray coagulation processes in the best way. In addition to the model designed only for monopolar processes, it is also available in a model that can perform both monopolar and bipolar (coagulation in wet or liquid media, with special forceps).
The device has a digital display and the maximum power in the used mode can be seen on the digital display as a percentage. The devices are powerful and reliable devices that are completely manufactured using semiconductor electronic technology. CE Certified.

  • Cut mode Yes
    Mixed cut-coagulation mode Yes
    Coagulation mode Yes
    Bi-polar coagulation mode Yes
    RF maximum cutting power 100 W
    RF maximum coagulation power 40 W
    RF spray coagulation power 40 W
    Bi-polar coagulation power 20 W
    Power activation by footswitch
    Cut-off coagulation impedance 300Ω
    Spray coagulation impedance 1000Ω
    6 pcs of hand manipulator electrode
    Total power 120 W
    Fuse 2 Amps
    Outer material Electrostatic furnace painted steel
    Supply 220 V. - 50 Hz.
    External dimensions (w x h x d) 30 x 12 x 24 cm.
    Net weight 7.5 kg.
    Packed weight 8 kg.

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Ağırlık 8 kg
Boyutlar 30 × 24 × 12 cm

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