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3 Motorized Dermatology and Hair Transplantation Chairs

3 Motorized Dermatology and Hair Transplantation Chairs

Length: 194cm
Width: 62 cm (excluding arms)
Height: max 90 cm, min 68 cm
Carrying capacity: 150 kg

NOTE: Only Vip 3 Motorized Seat Price.
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Skin care, permanent make-up, tattoo, body care, hair removal, hair transplant, examination and
It is designed for other medical aesthetic operations.

Our VIP3 Seats;
It consists of 3 main parts: back, middle and foot parts.
It is controlled from the hand control with the help of 3 DC motors.

It is comfortable and orthopedic.
Cushions are of suitable hardness, upholstery is easy to clean, sweating in long sessions
It is made of artificial leather, which does not cause itching and does not burn easily.

Steel construction is electrostatic painted.

Covered with cleanable ABS plastics depending on the model.
In the back movement, the arms move with the back without losing their parallelism from the ground.
Leather color preference is possible.
Back, feet and height adjustments are made with the control panel.
The head area can be manufactured with or without holes.
The head part is in the form of an apparatus that can be extended when necessary.
There is a special pillow in the head area.
It has a wide seating comfort.
Ergonomic and stylish design.
It has a carrying capacity of 150 kg.
The floor platform leg is ABS or leather covered.
Quality workmanship and materials are used.

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Ağırlık 135 kg
Boyutlar 194 × 90 × 68 cm
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