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13MP 1080P Full HD Digital Microscope Set

13MP 1080P Full HD Digital Microscope Set

Portable Table Type Inspection and Detection Microscope
BNC Camera that can be connected to its own monitor or an external projector

Digital Industrial Microscope Camera
* CCD Camera BNC Output
* 7X Optical Zoom Lens
* Led Light Source
* Bracket Stand
+5 inch Monitor Full Set

Using the latest high-end industrial Medical Medical lens, deep, flat images, identification features are made easy.
The auxiliary light source is designed for effective and clearer observation thanks to its unique dimmable design and adjustable position for the target.
The camera and screen are powered by special image analysis software.
Key with R, G and B channels as well as PMB optional software has exposure control function
Photographs of products by observing the White Balance mode, adjusting the scanning color properties,
Equipped with the right components for optimum hardware.
For BNC models, it can be connected directly to the BNC monitor, suitable for use with TVs, Monitors with BNC signal access.

  • Product Description
    Model: 708M
    Sensor: CCD, 2MP
    1/3 inch 800 (TVL)
    White Balance: Auto
    Color: Colorful
    BNC Interface
    Power by DC 12V adapter
    Camera body size: 7cm x 5cm x 5cm
    Net weight: 218g
    all metal case
  • 5 inch Monitor
    Display: 5 inch TFT LCD
    Case material: ABS plastic
    Surfave treatment: Polyester filler (elastic dye)
    Machine power consumption: 0.6W (12V)
    Video input standard: PAL / NTSC
    Emergency power output: DC 12V
    Auto sleep: 3 minutes


  • Zoom C-mount Lens
    Magnification 7X - 45X on screen
    Working distance: 30mm-165mm
    Field of view: 2.4mm-32mm
    Size: 115mm (L) x 40mm (DIA)

LED Compact Light

  • Provides intense and focused shadow-free lighting
    Bright white LED bulbs
    Intense and focused shadow-free lighting
    100,000 hour lifespan
    Power input: 100-240V, 50-60HZ, automatic switching
    Inner diameter of ring light: 1.0″ (27mm)
    Total outer diameter: 1.77″ (45mm)
    Working Distance: 27mm-45mm

Package Included

  • 1 x BNC Microscope Camera
    1 x 5 inch TFT LCD Monitor
    1 x C-Mount Lens
    1 x Stand Holder
    1 x LED Ring Light
    1 x Power Adapter

Product Features

• High Quality, High Definition, Clear Images
• 800 (TVL) line definition (PAL)
• With C-Mount to CS-Connect adapter
• Industrial CCD Camera
• Zoom c-mount Lens: On-Screen Magnification 7X - 45X
• It can display the live image directly on any BNC monitor or Projector.

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Ağırlık 2 kg
Boyutlar 30 × 20 × 10 cm

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