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Needle-Free and Painless Anesthesia Device

Needle-Free Anesthesia Device



Needele free injection gun is placed in the chamber that works by creating high pressure, and the desired anesthetic solution is placed in the chamber with the help of an injector.

It is installed by pulling the lever in the handel part of

When the trigger on the back of  is pressed, the mechanism works and automatically provides anesthesia with high pressure and spraying an area of ​​2 centimeters to the area to be anesthetized.

Does not have any consumables.


Weight of : It is around 300 gr.

Material of : High quality stainless material.

Ergonomics of : Maneuverable, balanced and allows use without unnecessary effort.

Sterilization rules of : It is sterilized at a maximum of 134 ° C for 18 minutes.

*Rinse  before sterilization, read all instructions for use.

Ek bilgi

Ağırlık 0.400 kg
Boyutlar 25 × 10 × 5 cm

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